nVent RAYCHEM T2Reflecta Insulation board accessories


T2Reflecta primer & adhesives

  • T2Reflecta P Fix- to use with all tile adhesives
    Primer for the aluminium layer of the T2Reflecta plates to apply standard with natural stone or tile adhesive
  • T2Reflecta adhesive S – quick glue for tiles & plates- ready to use
    1 bucket for fixing approx. 6-9 m2 of T2Reflecta plates or 3 m2 for fixing of both T2Reflecta plates and tiles
  • T2Reflecta A fix glue for plates -to mix with water
    15 kg paper bag for 6 m2

T2Reflecta Endplates

Extra endplates for installation of T2Reflecta (6pcs/pack)


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