RAYCHEM JB-NH4 junction box for trace heating systems


Modular junction box for multiple-entry power connection

The JB-NH4 box is designed to connect power to up to three RAYCHEM BSA, BTV, QTVR, XTV, KTV or VPL industrial parallel heating cables. The JB-NH4 box is part of a modular component system; it allows for maximum flexibility and can be either wall or pipe mounted. Connection kits (M25) and insulation entry kits have to be ordered separately.
It is suitable for use in industrial non-hazardous area.

Key benefits:

  • Fast installation
    • Spacious box with front access
    • Captive lid screws, cannot be lost during installation
    • Robust spring type terminals for fast and secure fixing
  • Reliable operation
    • Heavy-duty glass reinforced polymer
    • All weather proof IP66
    • 10 year product warranty extension


Connection and Protection