nVent RAYCHEM configured ViaGard EM2-XR self-regulating trace heating cable kits


Make-to-order Self-regulating trace heating cable kit for ramp heating and surface snow melting

RAYCHEM ViaGard EM2-XR self-regulating heating cables kits prevent snow and ice formation on loading bays, ramps, driveways, external stairs, and other access ways around commercial and residential buildings.

The make-to-order configured heating unit is provided pre-terminated with a cold lead, splice, heater cable, and end seal. The length of the cold lead and the heating cable can be selected to meet the specific project requirement.

Product Code Number Product Description
1244-005360 Heating Unit RAYCHEM ViaGard (EM2-XR)

For a pre-configured heating cable unit, consider:

  • The required ViaGard EM2-XR heater cable length (Up to 85 metres.)
  • The required cold lead cable length (Maximum cold lead length for heater lengths over 50m = 5 metres.)

Energy efficiency can be optimised with VIA-DU-20 controls, SBS-xx-VV-20 multi-circuit panels, or the ACS-30 control and monitoring system.

Specifiche tecniche

Nominal Power output 90W/m @ 0°C
Nominal voltage 230 VAC
Maximum circuit length 85m
Circuit breaker size Type C: 50A.
Maximum exposure temperature (Powered) 100°C
Maximum exposure temperature 110°C
Approvals / Certifications CE / VDE


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Connection and Protection